Ultimate Bench Rest

One of the problems with the different Bench Rest disciplines has been the need for specialized, expensive rifles. Come out and try a new type of bench rest match that just about anyone can participate in – Ultimate Bench Rest.

You can use any type rifle from a Remington varmint to an expensive custom rifle. In this game, there are 4 classes of rifles- Factory, Modified Factory, Custom, and Unlimited. The weight limit, including scope is 13.5 lbs., except for unlimited which has no weight restriction. Also, the target is sized to the caliber so that one caliber size shouldn’t have a distinct advantage. There are targets for .30 and down, .243 and down, and for .224. The X dot and scoring rings vary in size to adjust for bullet size and the X dot will score 11 instead of 10. I do suggest a higher-powered scope as you are shooting at smaller 10 rings.

You can go to https://www.ultimatebenchrest.com to get more details or call either John Thomann at 414-704-1657.

The course of fire for the match will be a 3-minute sighting string to start, then four 10 minutes strings of 6 shots for score with unlimited sighters. The best possible score is a 264, 24 shots scored and a X being scored as an 11.

We’ll hold one match per month April through September. See the club calendar for specific dates.

Shooting begins at 9:00 AM. I recommend getting to the club no later than 8:15 to set up, I’m there by 7:30 sharp. Your 4 best scores for the season will count toward the season total. Medals will be awarded to the winners of each division every month.


  • Factory: Any factory rifle weighing a maximum of 13.5 pounds, replacement triggers and bedded actions are allowed. Must have factory barrel, stock, and action. Buying a factory-built Kelby or McMillian is not allowed, Coopers are OK.
  • Modified: A factory action with an aftermarket barrel. Must be 13.5 pounds max.
  • Custom: Any custom-built rifle with a max weight of 13.5 pounds. Any action, stock, and barrel combo.
  • Unlimited: Any rifle weighing more than 13.5 pounds.