TCL – Trans Continental League

TCL-smallMFR&G Club takes part in the TCL league, which is a nation wide league with different gun clubs participating in matches against other clubs across the country during the summer time. League matches take place on the first Sunday of the month and start at 9:00 am during the summer.  The gun used in this league is based on a rifle that is 6mm in caliber size or bigger along with restrictions on gun weight and scope power.  The club can have as many shooters participate as benches will allow but only the top 5 scores for the club will be entered for the clubs scores. This league is for club members only, but club guests can participate for fun.

If interested in participating or looking to get more information, contact Tom Shilka, 262-695-3103.


New Game in Town!

Ultimate Bench Rest!

One of the problems with the different Bench Rest disciplines has been the need for specialized, expensive rifles.  We want to try a new type of bench rest match that just about anyone can participate in – Ultimate Bench Rest.

You can use any type rifle from a Remington varmiter to an expensive custom rifle.  In this game, there are 4 classes of rifles- Factory, Modified Factory, Custom, and Unlimited.  The weight limit, including scope is 13.5 lbs., except for unlimited.  Also, the target is sized to the caliber so that one caliber size shouldn’t have a distinct advantage.  There are targets for .30 and down, .243 and down, and for .224. The X dot and scoring rings vary in size to adjust for bullet size and the X dot will score 11 instead of 10. I do suggest a higher powered scope as you are shooting at smaller 10 rings.

You can go to to get more details before the match or call me, Dave Meyer, at 414-526-0158 with questions.  Jim Dowling and I will be running the two matches.

The course of fire for the match will be a total of 24 shots in 20 minutes with unlimited sighters.  We will use two targets with 6 scoring rings each with several sighter rings.  We will put 2 shots on each scoring ring to save targets, yet allow for good scoring.  A person doesn’t have to tie up an entire day to do a match like this.

We will try two matches this summer to see what the interest is and determine if there is enough interest to start a league for next year.  The two dates this year will be Saturday, July 29th and Sunday, August 6th starting at 9:30 AM.  If we have enough shooters, we will have a second relay immediately after the first relay.  We will charge $10.00 for members and the extra $2.00 for non-members.  We plan on having some sort of award for the winners in each class-this has yet to be determined.

So, grab your most accurate rifle and try the new game in town—Ultimate Bench Rest!!  It’s a hoot!!!